USED Anets SDR-30 Dough Sheeter Dough Pass Through

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USED Anets SDR-30 Dough sheeter Dough pass through in Good Working Condition.

WAS $1950.00 with 25% OFF you can buy it for $1495.00 .

Model SDR-30

Double Pass through!

Dimensions: 24"w x 20"d 'x 19'' h

115v Power

NEW Models cost around $6850. Save on $$$ on this used unit!


Model SDR-21


Two-Pass Dough Roller


The most popular model in the Anets lineup. All-infront design makes operation easier where space islimited. The rollers adjust for a wide range of dough thicknesses and feature calibrated control settingsthat lock in for product consistency.


Accepts dough balls of up to 36 ounces.

Produces dough shapes as large as 20" wide.

Sheets 85 feet per minute.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 30.5" x 26"x 26"

Motor: 3Amp 4 hp


Durability for the Toughest Kitchens


All-welded steel construction means the rollers wont ever lose their precise alignment, and thus their ability to provide consistent, uniform dough thickness. Instead, left to right, beginning to end, year after year, your dough piece is the same. Easy to clean means it will be cleaned more often for better, long-lasting performance. Performance for the Finest Tastes Cross-graining feature creates a perfect, flaky crust every time. When the dough is turned 90° on the second pass through, the rollers treat the yeast cell structure gently, resulting in a product of hand-rolled quality.





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USED Anets SDR-30 Dough Sheeter Dough Pass Through