USED Hobart 3500 Automatic Meat Slicer

$2,250.00 $1,688.00 1,688.00

Used Hobart 3500 Automatic Meat Slicer ,stacker in Excellent Condition. Price has been reduced from $4500.00 to $2250.00 and now another 25% OFF ,you can buy it for only$1688.00 .New cost over $8,800.00.



13" CleanCut™ Knife

Super alloy edge stays sharp longer

Lasts two to three times longer than carbon coated

or stainless steel knives

Top Mounted Borazon Stone Sharpener

Single-action sharpens and hones in just 15 seconds

Removable and warewasher safe for easy cleaning

and sanitation – can be used wet or dry

Lifetime guaranteed Borazon sharpening stones

provide maximum performance with reduced

maintenance costs

Machined Grooves on Gauge Plate and Knife Cover

Reduces drag for smoother slicing motion

Double-Action Indexing Cam

The first full revolution of the indexing knob provides

precise control of shaving, chipping and thin slicing

The second revolution opens the gauge plate quickly

for thicker slicing

Gauge plate holds position for consistent, precision




⁄2 H.P. Knife Drive Motor

Reserve power runs at 430 rpm for optimum results

Timing Belt Automatic Drive System

Extends belt life while producing optimum slicing


Quieter operating slicer

Four carriage speeds including 28, 38, 48 and 58

strokes per minute

Three Stroke Lengths

Three stroke lengths ideal for a variety of products

Electroless Nickel Plated Single Slide Rod with

Reservoir Wick in Transport

Smooth operation with continuous lubrication of

carriage rod

Zero Knife Exposure*

Knife edge is covered when sharpener is both

mounted and removed, making cleaning easier

Gauge plate remains closed during operation of





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USED Hobart 3500 Automatic Meat Slicer